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Online TeleHealth Consultation

Delivering Specialised Care Directly To You No Matter Where You Are In The World.

What Is Online Video Based Consultation / TeleHealth?

This is a way for you to consult our experienced Physiotherapists or Dentists via a live, secured video based format from anywhere in the world. 

How Does It Work?

In your video based consultation, just like in a face to face consultation in our clinic, we are able to:

  • Take your detailed history
  • Complete a physical examination by instructing you to perform certain movements and physical tests (some may be pre-prepared by you with photos we ask you to take and send to us before your consultation)
  • Formulate our diagnosis
  • Explain to you how your jaw (TMJ), neck and head function interdependently,  what is going on in your case and how that may be related to your symptoms
  • Explain what treatment techniques and rehabilitation exercises we will teach you to help address your specific issue 

Since we are not able to physically treat you we have developed an effective method of teaching you the necessary techniques and guiding you to treat yourself (learning invaluable skills as a result). Via our video interface we are able to: 

  • Begin teaching you the specific treatment techniques and ‘walk / guide you through’ the treatment process in each session 
  • Give you other important self-help strategies and exercises you can implement straight away.
  • Send you a detailed self-help guide and supporting videos so you can effectively learn and implement what we are recommending

How Many Treatments Will I Need and How Will Treatment Be Progressed?

Just like in face-face in clinic consultations, treatments will be progressed according to your unique situation. Generally though you can expect to have 3-5 follow up sessions 5-7 days apart during which we:

  • Reassess how you are going with regards to your symptoms 
  • Review your self-help / treatment techniques to ensure you are mastering them
  • Walk you through the treatment sequence we have begun to date (so we guide you to treat yourself under our close supervision)
  • Progress your treatment by teaching you another relevant treatment technique / rehabilitative exercise and then send you the video for you to review.

How Long Is Each Consultation?

Prior to your Initial Consultation, we will be sending you a detailed questionnaire to complete so we can gather valuable information about your issue, helping us to be as prepared for you as we can. Please allow 30 mins to fill in this online form. 

Your Initial Consultation and first Follow Up Consultation are usually an hour (60 mins)

All other Follow Up Consultations are half an hour (30 mins)

Online Consultations Fees

Telehealth appointments are pre-paid.

All appointments are booked and reserved for you, just like in a clinic setting. Our experienced TMJ Physiotherapists and TMJ / Sleep Dentists dedicate their careers to gain their unique skills to be able to help you get the treatment you need, and in a way that is possible remotely.

Includes all videos and self help materials sent to you via our App. 

Private Health Rebates 

Many Private Health Funds (Australia) have rebates for Physiotherapy and Dentistry Tele-Health consultations. Please contact your fund to find out. 

What Equipment Do I Need For An Online Consultation TeleHealth Session?

All you need is a Phone / Tablet / Computer with a Camera and Microphone (Most phones or Laptops will work). 

How To Prepare Your Camera Set Up For Best Visibility In Your Session
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Other relevant information will be provided in your booking confirmation email.

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