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Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

How Can You Know If You Have A TMJ Disorder (TMD)?


Headaches are a very common symptom affecting millions of people every day. People suffering from TMJ Disorder (TMD) often experience headache felt in the temple area and around the ear. This is commonly worst in the morning on waking especially if you clench or grind your teeth at night. This type of headache is called a Temporomandibular Headache or TMDH. TMD sufferers very commonly also have head-neck tension issues and can manifest another type of headache felt at the base of the skull extending to the fore head and even behind the eye when very severe. This is called a ‘cervico-genic’ headache (neck generated). Both types of headaches commonly occur in TMD sufferers and respond well to very specific physiotherapy targeting both the structures causing the pain as well as postural modifications to unload the strained, painful structures. Sufferers are also educated with self-help techniques and exercise to help keep headaches at bay.

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TMJ disorder (TMD) can manifest itself in various ways depending on the individual. Due to the range of symptoms you could possibly be experiencing, TMJ disorder can be misdiagnosed or not treated appropriately if you do not consult someone with a good understanding of the complexities of this conditionc and its various causes. If you have previously sought help for your headaches, facial pain, tinnitus or other related issues but found no relief, consider visiting us at Melbourne TMJ Centre for help.

You may have a TMJ disorder (TMD) if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Popping, grinding or grating noises when moving your jaw, or opening and closing the mouth
  • Uneven jaw movements when eating or speaking
  • Facial or jaw pain, or tender jaw muscles
  • Difficulty or pain when yawning, chewing or opening the mouth wide
  • Unable to open the mouth completely to eat certain foods or take big bites, as the jaw feels locked
  • Unusual wearing down of teeth (likely to be noticed by your dentist)
  • Regular headaches, especially when waking up first thing in the morning. This could indicate that your headaches have been caused by bruxism (teeth grinding) or teeth clenching in your sleep, meaning you need very specific jaw treatments. If you wish to put an end to your constant headaches, visit our clinic for tailored treatments.
  • Earache that spreads to the rest of the face
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Stiffness or pain experienced at the back of the head or in the neck
  • Dizziness

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Suffering Earache, Sinus Type Pain or Face Pain ? – We can help to put an end To your painful condition

With the variety of symptoms that a TMJ disorder can present with, it is easy to see why TMJ disorder can sometimes be misdiagnosed by those with little experience in this complex field. If you have sought other treatment for symptoms like headaches or earaches or sinus type pain with little or no relief, then Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre™ may be able to assist you to determine whether your symptoms are actually as a result of a TMJ disorder. Our TMJ physiotherapists enjoy a close working relationship with many prominent ENT specialists who recognise the TMJ and related structures as the source of their patient’s ear, sinus or facial pain symptoms, referring them to our clinic for very specific physiotherapy treatment.

If you are suffering symptoms of headaches, earaches or sinus type pain that has not responded to a Medical or ENT approach then there is a good chance your symptoms may be musculo-skeletal in origin and may respond well to very specific treatment by our Physiotherapists who have a special interest in this area. Call us on 03 9824 8868 TODAY for an appointment.

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