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Welcome to Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre™ and thanks for considering joining our team. We are always on the lookout for our next dynamic, motivated team member. Who knows, it could be you? One of the most important qualities we as a team look for, is a good cultural fit. As a tight knit team that is more like a family, we place high importance on everyone sharing our 5 Core Values.

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Our Core Values
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    1: Be Brilliant At The Basics.

    Sounds so obvious but often the basics are ignored or performed poorly. We pride ourselves on doing the basics brilliantly, from the way we interact with our patients to the structured and comprehensive way in which we provide our physical treatment and guide our patients in self-help techniques.

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    2: We Genuinely Hear You

    So often we see patients who feel that despite seeing others, they have just not been heard. It is a core value of ours to genuinely take the time to listen our patients and really understand their concerns, their goals and aspirations for which they are seeking our help.

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    3: Fun, Friendly & Focused

    When you or our patients enter the practice, you will feel our care and warmth. It is a core value of ours to provide our care in a fun, light-hearted manner, while always remaining laser focussed on achieving great clinical outcomes.

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    4: Rapid Relief & Lasting Results

    Another of our core values is to provide rapid relief of pain and symptoms for those entrusting us with their care. In addition, we strive to help them improve their health and wellbeing by addressing the root causes of their issues and equipping them with self-help skills and education, to ensure lasting results.

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    5: An Experience More Than You Expect

    We go the extra mile to deliver the best patient experience right from the time we first have contact. We hold ourselves accountable to ensure that every single patient’s time with us is as enjoyable and as rewarding as we can make it, while using our clinical skills to truly change lives. This is at the heart of our core values.

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