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Breathing Retraining

Breathing Retraining
Treatment for Snoring

The Understated Importance & Huge Health Benefits of Correct Nasal & Diaphragmatic Breathing

80 % of people do not breathe correctly and are missing out on essential health benefits which follow
  • Nasal breathing is an essential component of good health and should be our natural way to breathe
  • Nitric Oxide is produced and released in the paranasal sinuses. High Nitric Oxide levels help improve the levels of oxygenation to organs, muscles and brain for optimal function.
  • Nasal breathing requires approximately 200% increased airway resistance. This results in a desirable slowing down of in and out breaths when compared to mouth breathing.
  • A slower breath in increases the time Nitric Oxide is released from the sinuses. The slower breath out then maximises the opportunity for gas exchange because we absorb Oxygen during the exhale.
  • Therefore nasal breathing results in better blood oxygenation due to higher levels of Nitric Oxide released via the sinuses during nasal breathing compared to mouth breathing.
  • Correct nasal and diaphragmatic breathing reduces the level of stress hormones, helps to reduce pain and promotes a ‘rest and digest’ response in the nervous system, for a feeling of calm and relaxation.
  • Correct breathing (nasal breathing & diaphragmatic breathing) helps lower our blood pressure and lowers risk of heart disease
  • Upper chest breathing instead of diaphragmatic breathing, engages the accessory breathing muscles of the neck, adversely impacting neck and jaw mechanics and limits the opportunity for the beneficial Oxygen exchange

Breathing Retraining

As an important part of your treatment process your Physiotherapist may recommend a 2-part Breathing Retraining Program.

This consists of 2 x 45min sessions with our experienced Orofacial Myofunctional Therapists via a Telehealth online consultation. These sessions are usually around 2-3 weeks apart and are introduced concurrently with your In-clinic Physiotherapy treatments. Our Breathing Retraining Program will help you identify poor breathing habits and replace them with a more natural and efficient breathing style so you can regain the health benefits these bring.

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