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Treatment of Facial Pain

Treatment of Facial Pain

Facial Pain

Facial pain can be confronting, distracting and hamper your ability to function normally. Facial pain can be caused by a number of structures and can often go unresolved as the source of the pain is often unidentified or poorly managed.

Structures such as muscles, joints, nerves, teeth and sinuses are sources of facial pain. Once facial pain has been ruled out as coming from a dental, sinus or nerve related cause, patients often continue in pain without resolution of their symptoms. Fortunately, there is now increasing recognition by Medical and Dental Specialists of the effectiveness of very specific Physiotherapy / Osteopathy techniques in the treatment of musculoskeletal related facial pain and we are seeing many patients referred for this type of intervention.

Treatment of facial pain related to musculo-skeletal causes, not only involves treating the structures which are the source of the pain, but also addressing causative factors involved in those structures becoming painful and pain producing in the first place. These factors often involve poor postures both during the day – such as work posture, work place set up as well as during the night – such as sleeping postures – a very overlooked cause.

Equally as important, is that we have the clinical experience and expertise to identify when the facial pain is NOT coming from musculoskeletal structures and requires onward referral for other intervention. A common example is unrelenting face pain that is a result of a dental nature requiring emergency endodontic treatment.

If you are suffering any type of facial pain, call for an appointment today and we will do our best to fit you in ASAP.

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