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Foods to Avoid When Experiencing Jaw or TMJ Pain

If you are experiencing jaw (TMJ) pain and headaches, you may find it helpful to avoid the following food types: Foods that require you to open your mouth wide such as bread rolls, apples (uncut) etc. Foods that are hard to bite into which require a lot of force like carrots, hard nuts Very chewy […]

‘Clicky’ or Clicking Jaw (TMJ)

‘Clicky’ or Clicking Jaw (TMJ) Many people experience a clicking noise or sensation when opening or closing their mouth. This can be very loud and noticeable to others near you while you are eating or even talking. This noise can be very disconcerting and may or may not be associated with the experience of pain. […]

Face Pain – Causes and Treatment Options in Melbourne

Face Pain – Causes and Treatment Causes of face pain: These are numerous and can be from a variety of different sources including: The Jaw (TMJ) and associated structures The neck muscles, nerves and other structures Dental causes of pain such a tooth infection The nerves that exit the brain and supply the face region […]

Bruxism – Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Bruxism – Do You Grind Your Teeth? Bruxism has been defined as a “habitual clenching and grinding of the teeth”. This occurs most frequently at night time but may occur during the day and is usually involuntary. Bruxism is experienced in both the adult and child population. There may be many causes of bruxism including: […]

Jaw Pain

Let’s Take a Close Look at Jaw Pain Understanding the make-up (anatomy) of the jaw joint / TMJ The jaw is made up of the jaw bone or mandible and the temporal bones of the skull. The anatomical term for the jaw joint is the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. You would have a left and […]

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