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Anna Mamone

Anna Mamone
Anna Mamone
TMJ Osteopath (GCMM Certified)

Anna has over 20 years of clinical experience as an Osteopath and has completed degrees in both Biological Science (Biochemistry) and Osteopathy. She has also completed a Masters degree in Osteopathy.

Anna has extensive knowledge and experience in the treatment of a range of musculoskeletal injuries. She has a strong interest in treatment of temporomandibular dysfunction. She enjoys the challenge and journey of returning a patient suffering temporomandibular dysfunction, to an improved and optimally functioning state, decreasing pain and improving quality of life. She appreciates the intricate biomechanics and anatomy of this joint and applies a very comprehensive treatment approach involving The Goralsky Craniomandibular Method™ for which she is certified in. Her treatment involves combining a range of soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques to restore movement and function of the TMJ (jaw joint) and associated head and neck structures. Addressing lifestyle changes and postures as well as providing self-help techniques, is another aspect of our practice clinical approach.

Outside of work, Anna enjoys running and walking and going on holidays with her family.

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