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Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Experience Counts

Dr Braham Goldberg has over 25 years’ experience working in Cosmetic Medicine. He specialises in anti-wrinkle treatments to help combat the effects of aging or injury to the skin. In particular Dr Goldberg can assist you to address wrinkles, lines, scars and volume loss by using fillers and muscle relaxant injection therapy of botulinum (MRIT).

How do fillers work and what can they be helpful for

Fillers work by injecting a clear hyaluronic gel in the affected areas of the skin. This helps to improve wrinkle lines, depressions, and scars. Fillers also work by enhancing and shaping lips, cheekbones, the chin, nose and jawlines and by lifting brows.  It can even prevent wrinkles from forming and folds like nasolabial folds (smile lines or laugh lines) and marionette folds (which run vertically between the mouth and chin) from worsening.

How does Muscle Relaxant Injection Therapy work and where can it help

Muscle relaxant injection therapy (MRIT) works for dynamic wrinkles, those caused by movement of muscle folding the skin. It stops the message from the nerve getting to the muscle and the muscle then doesn’t contract thus reducing movement. Unlike filler, where results are seen immediately, MRIT has to bind to the neuromuscular junction (where the nerve instructs the muscle to contract) and this takes a few days to start to work with 1-2 weeks for the full result to be achieved.

Areas treated include frown lines, browlift, crow’s feet, forehead, lower lid, and bunny scrunch lines. Also chin, DAO muscle  (Depressor Anguli Oris muscle which pulls down the corner of mouth when you frown), and neck strap muscles.

Other benefits of MRIT for Clenching, Grinding, Headaches and Sweating 

Masseters, temporalis and posterior neck muscles are treated for jaw clenching and grinding, and headaches. This is always done in conjunction with specialised Physio or Osteo treatment of these conditions in our specialised practice Melbourne TMJ & Facial Pain Centre. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can often be helped with MRIT too.

Are Fillers and MRIT treatments safe

Fillers and muscle relaxant injections are very safe. Most people have minimal, if any, issues with anti-wrinkle treatment. The most common side effect is a bruise, which settles itself. Irregular or uneven results, if it happens, can be corrected. Other very rare reactions include cold sores, lumps, or infection. Fillers and muscle relaxant injections are not permanent, and this also reduces the risks, but means you will need to return for more anti-wrinkle treatments at some stage.

How long does the benefit of treatment last

Fillers last between 6-24mths depending on the areas treated and muscle relaxant injections between 3-4 months. With regular anti-wrinkle treatments, there is often a secondary prevention of worsening lines and ageing, as well as a positive effect of smoothing of the skin.

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